Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my kids

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Here are some things my kids have been up to recently. The photos are from a year ago on this date.  I'm a little behind on my photos since moving!  Enjoy the flashback!


She's in to cutting and glueing things.  She's good at cutting straight lines, and cutting around shapes (for a 3 year old).  She cuts up construction paper and glues them to shapes like apples and flowers.  We've also been working in some preschool workbooks, and she likes to do the matching activities where she can use scissors and glue.

She's catching on to proper grammar - she will correct herself if she starts to say "a apple" to "an apple."

Cute kid-isms that haven't disappeared yet - she says "loose" instead of "use," and asks "Are you help me?" instead of "will you help me?"  She's receptive to us telling her the correct way to say such things, but it's still cute to hear her.  She has lots of phrases that are just cute. Many stories end with "but that was a long time ago," even if it was just yesterday.  She explains things with her hands, which is something I frequently do.  She mimics my gestures pretty accurately!

She has a fake laugh that is high and squeaky.  She chatters non-stop, except around unfamiliar people.

She watches way too much TV, because I give in to her persistent nagging and whining.  An area in need of improvement on my part. Right now, she always asking to watch bob the builder.

She loves playing the back yard building roads in dirt (which refuses to grow grass). She plays dress up and with her pink tea set.


His vocabulary is growing!  New words in the last few weeks: eat, Beth, Bob (as in bob the builder), cat, hippo (said Bo), Nana, Papa (also bobo), bear, off, hot (ha-T), belly button, ear, bed.

He loves to dance to music, and starts bobbing around when he hears something to his liking.  He clearly has a sense of the beat of music, as he was listening to some music in Sleeping beauty, and adjusted his movements to match the speed of the music as it changed.

He loves it when his dad comes home - "Da-Teeeee!!!" and runs to him to be picked up.

He still enjoys riding around in a baby carrier.  It's especially helpful for me that he likes it, since I can get more things done in these busy days.  I just need to remember more often to wear him!

They are both great kids - I love them lots!


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