Thursday, December 16, 2010

disposable diapers aren't perfect, either

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I've had N in disposable diapers at night for the past week or so. 

It has been an unpleasant reminder that disposables aren't superior to cloth in terms of leaking.  That's the thing I almost always hear people express concern about: that cloth diapers will leak.

Well, all kinds of diapers can leak.

Two times this week, I discovered that N's diaper had leaked, and his clothes and the bed were wet.

I was especially irritated last night, because for the first time in for-EVER N had slept for more than 3 hours without waking up fussing.  I wasn't keen on waking him to changed everything.  He really resisted waking up, too, but he couldn't hold at all the jostling around to get him dry.

Also, a reminder to self - check the direction of the equipment before diapering.  I think that was my flaw this time.

Fortunately, I'm anticipating a return to cloth at night tonight, after having completed my cloth diaper overhaul. I look forward to hoping it's resolved the occasional ammonia burn!


Clifford Jeffery said...

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