Thursday, December 30, 2010

what I don't post about

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I was visiting with a friend and her family recently.  As we were siting around, both of us were going "Hmmmm..." trying to think of what to say.  We've been friends since elementary school, and we've shared a lot of experiences, even though we've lived in different states since we were 12 years old. Now, truthfully, we're both moms, and our lives are consumed with raising our families and getting through daily tasks.  But surely, there are things to talk about other than children?

It occurred to me, as I sat there, that much of my interest and reading in recent years are on topics that I just won't discuss with most others, because I really don't want to push people away.  I have the impression that my friend and I might disagree a great deal on some topics.  And that's just that friend, to say nothing of all the others I have out there.

There are things that might be uncomfortable for others to hear me out on, and that really aren't worth loosing friends on (because when I get into a discussion, I can be very preachy, passionate, and hard-headed, and sometimes I don't even have good reasoning for why I believe what I do).  Now, the other side is that I don't feel that other people are bad people or bad parents if they hold a different opinion or choose something other than what I would choose. But, by the very nature of saying that I disagree with any given thing, then it automatically puts me at odds with another person's opinion and can come across as a personal judgment upon them.

So, that's all to say that even if I make a different choice, I still like you. :)

And then, there are other things that might just ick people out...

The List

medical interventions in labor/birth
"natural" childbirth
gender identity and sexual orientation
reusable menstrual products
carseats/child safety seats
politics (okay, maybe some light discussion...)
homebirth (yes, I know I've posted some about this, but not to the extent that I could!)
whether my home is north or south of the Mason-Dixon line, and whether I should rightfully be called a Southerner or Northerner (just kidding!)
and probably a slew of other things I've forgotten

Maybe in time I'll find a greater voice for some of these issues, but until then, can't we all play nice?


Sarah said...

Reading your list, you're right, I know of at least one friend that you might have some lively discussions with. :) But then, we've been discussing religion since who knows when (and shouldn't that be the one we're most passionate about?). Anyway, it was nice seeing you again at Christmas.

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