Thursday, December 16, 2010

NTDI episode 11 - Funky Diapers, part 2

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I almost posted the same episode title as episode 9, before I realized that the same tune and alternate words I was thinking for today were what I used then.

Oh well.

So last time on NTDI, I was trying to tweak my routine to get those last few stinks out.  I still am tinkering.  I've been enjoying the use of Rockin' Green, and generally, I feel it does a good job.
Over the last month or so, I have been coming up with occasional diapers of all sorts that were stinking badly of ammonia after an hour or two, and I realized I have slipped into using disposables again at night because of those infrequent really bad smelling diapers in the morning (not always, but often enough), leaving a read ammonia burn on N's bottom, and sore spots that were having trouble healing.

One thing I realize is that I am not always vigilant about changing the boy's diaper in a timely fashion.  That alone would make a big difference in rashiness. Bad Mommy.

So, I've been intrigued by the Funk Rock diaper treatment that Rockin' Green recently came out with. I want to know if it will deal with the post-wash lingering odor.  The stuff is not cheap.  I'm guessing there's maybe 20 tablespoons of powder in there, and it takes 4 to do one session of 20 diapers.  (Apparently, it can be used as a regular pre-treatment, with 1 tbsp per load as a preventative measure, but I'm not there yet) I'll be close to using up the whole bag dealing with my diapers.  I'm mostly curious to see if it gets the funky smell out (a smell I have yet to accurately describe - not barn-yard, not ammonia, but kid of skunky when I put my nose and take a big sniff when they come out of the washer - generally they smell okay out of the dryer).  Ammonia in the day time really isn't a big deal when I change the boy more regularly.  I honestly think some of the stink has more to do with the boy's stinky toddler pee.  Sometimes, even the disposables smell awful, so I know it's not just the cloth!

And, a (long) disclaimer, of sorts - I don't want people considering cloth diapers to be discouraged by my tale of odor. I think most parents don't over-think it like I do, and I think most aren't perpetually trying to find the "perfect" wash routine like I have been (at least I hope!)  The funny odor I smell sometimes after washing doesn't make me want to not use the diapers - I just want them to be perfect and like new when they come out of the washer (ha!  They're almost 18 months old - good luck with that, C!) Clearly, even tinkering with my routine for 3 years, the diapers are still usable, and they don't cause friends and family to tell me my kids stink. I'm just a perfectionist. Maybe if I didn't sniff the diapers out of the washer each time, I could forget about it. 


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