Sunday, December 12, 2010

happy anniversary week!

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This week marks the 8th year that Jude and I have been married. YAY!

Since we will not be together on our actual anniversary, we've been having a good time all weekend.

Yesterday, we drove an hour to go see Tangled in non-3D with the kids. It was Nathanael's first movie - at least, the first where he's actually watching the film. We all enjoyed it, even Jude!  Thankfully, it was in no way a scary movie, since Elizabeth doesn't like scary things at all.

I made a pecan pie yesterday, but we never got around to eating it, since we got back from the movie so late.  Oh well!  Just one more thing to enjoy today.

Church was canceled, so we get to hang out together.  We're hoping that a friend will be able to make it over here this afternoon, and we'll have a White Christmas movie day (how this will be different from the other days of watching white christmas is something I'm not too clear on). Since it's a beautiful (cold!) snowy day, I think we'll stay inside and bake cookies. Lots and Lots of Cookies (as Elizabeth would say) and send them with Jude when he goes to work.

Happy Day!


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