Sunday, May 08, 2011

12 weeks

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I thought I should stand the same direction as I have in all of my previous pregnancy photos, and before and after photos.  Apparently I favor my left side. Me: 12 weeks.  

Here I am, just barely pregnant.  See much difference?  I don't. So, don't be misled.  That belly isn't baby belly. It's just fluff.

Now, since I realized that HEY! the natural lighting is coming from the Other direction, I turned around.  It felt somewhat awkward. But, I might be taking photos from this direction from now on, since that's where the light is.  Although, honestly, knowing me, I'll taking photos from both sides, just to give me options.  Like comparing my photos to previous pregnancies.

I'm a dork.  I know. At least I'm only wasting my own time.


Darcy said...

I wish I would have worn the same outfit for all my belly photos. I did stand in the same spot and same direction each time though!

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