Sunday, May 22, 2011

14 weeks

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A little late posting.

But I'm here, by all the different ways of figuring, I am now officially and completely in my second trimester.

If I slouch (typical) my belly stick out noticeably more.   When I stand up with proper posture, not so much.  So, for the sake of documentation, I try to stand up straight for me weekly pictures. But normally, I slouch.

I get all the benefits of the second semester: More energy, no nausea, and an increased appetite.

I don't know that there are too many disadvantages, since weight gain is an expected part of a pregnancy for a close to normal weight person.  I just need to make sure I don't over indulge in the many sweet and fatty things to which I seem to be drawn!

I Really thought I felt some baby movement, and even listened in with my fetoscope to see if I could identify the source of the sound.  It felt like thumps, and it sounded like thumps.  But, I haven't had a repeat, and, once I focused, I think the sensations were too high and strong.  Sometime in the next few weeks, probably.  I felt both E and N about 16 weeks.

Our photo shoot was pretty fun.  E likes to take turns taking photos and being the subject.

She likes to play with the fetoscope, and listen to heartbeats. N is pretty tolerant of her, thankfully!


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