Tuesday, May 03, 2011

garden time

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We're a little late getting started this year.

I'm still using my container garden, as I don't really trust the soil to be contaminant free enough to eat what would grow in the beds right next to the house.

So far I have: refreshed the potting soil (I know you're not supposed to re-use potting soil, but I don't care).  I got a big barrel, put in some oil potting soil, put in some new potting soil, put in some powdered organic fertilizers and mixed it all together.  Let's just call it an experiment.

I put the refreshed dirt into many of my containers (I'm lazy - I didn't sanitize my pots, either).

I even have planted a few seeds - sugar peas, lettuce, and spinach.  I started some left over seeds, but I guess I didn't have them near sufficient sunlight after they sprouted, because now they're all long, and tend to fall over.  This is a perpetual problem for me, any time I try to start seeds indoors.  You'd think I would learn, at some point.

One pot of strawberries came back from last year. I think the other two died because I wasn't watering them sufficiently at the end of the season.  We'll try again.

I'm intending to plant cucumbers, roma tomatos, zuchinni. carrots (E's choice) and peppers.

We're also going to borrow a corner of our neighbor's garden, and plant some watermelon.

The kids were excited to help with the potting soil (each had their own little spade) and to sprinkle seeds.  It's nice to have them outside, since we have a bad tendency to stay indoors all day long.

Thank goodness for beautiful days!


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