Wednesday, May 04, 2011

the first trimester

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As I previously indicated, we're expecting baby #3 in November.

We're very pleased! Nathanael doesn't get what's going on.  This time around, Elizabeth does.

We didn't tell her until the midwife visit where we first heard the heartbeat. E can't keep a secret. Not at all.  The only way our neighbors and church don't know is that we've avoided letting E see anyone for any extended period of time.

So, back to her reaction.

E asked if the midwife was a "belly doctor" when she saw her looking for heartbeat.  When we heard it, E asked "What's that?"
"A baby!"
She said, "There's a baby in your belly?!"
"Nooo.... You don't have a baby in your belly"
and then she proceeded to talk all about the baby.

The first trimester has been tiring. I'm thankful to have not experienced any vomiting, and I've had mild nausea and food aversions.  Mostly, I just can't eat very much at one time, and I'm just about beat by the time dinner comes around.  Easy meals have been the standard around here.  Jude's taken us all out to eat one evening meal for probably the past 5 weeks.

I did run a 5k about halfway through the first trimester, but I haven't done any meaningful exercise since then.  I need to get back on the bandwagon. This will work out well, now, since I'm near the end of the first trimester, and suddenly, my appetite has increased, and my energy levels are s-l-o-w-l-y inching up.

I don't feel like I'm showing, and I've gained no weight.  Not bad for a third pregnancy.  I'm please that I started this pregnancy at a lower weight (just barely) than my previous two pregnancies. Maybe that's helping things.

Just yesterday, I found that my tightest pair of jeans weren't quite as comfortable.  I think it could still be a while before I'm ready for maternity clothes.


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