Thursday, May 05, 2011

entryway storage: bench and shelf

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I've been looking for some nice storage pieces for the entry way for quite some time. I looked around for some DIY projects online, but most of what I found was far to large for my entry space. I found some plans on that were inspiring, and after taking a look at them, my father and I adapted then design to suit my needs and preferences.

In January, I took a week long trip to my parent's house, where I had access to a full woodshop, and I did substantial work on completing all four pieces.  I had to leave before I could put the final details on the second bench, and none of the pieces had all coats of stain or varnish.

My dad finished the pieces for me, and two months after I first started them, he brought them to my home. Jude installed the shelves, and now we have some pieces that work really well!

Most of the time, we get the coats hung and shoes in the benches.  Better than none of the time getting them in the closet!


Melanie said...

love the wall color - reminds me of leighton's nursery!

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