Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adelle: 4 months

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What an engaging girl!

At 4 months:
She weighs 14.25 pounds. It safest to put her on the scale belly down, since she tries to roll off it!

She is 24.5 inches.  But really it's hard to tell.  She keeps wiggling.

She is in 3-6 months sized clothes, but some of the onsies are already too short, especially when wearing a cloth diaper!

She gurggles, coos, squeals, and likes it when we mimic her sounds.

She found her toes (a fun plaything). Fingers are still a favorite.

Adelle can roll over both directions. If you put her down on her back, she doesn't stay that way very long.

Scoots forward a few feet.  She shows intention in her movement, too - she digs in her toes and inchworms towards an item of interest.

Is now really too big for bathing in the bathroom sink. We do it anyway.

She loves drinking water from a cup.  Most of it dribbles down her face, and she is often shocked by the coolness of the water, but she goes for it, anyway!
She is starting to hawk over our food - she grabs at plates.

Since she is mooching, we've been giving her tastes of things - a dab of yogurt, a bit of grape, a taste of cooked carrot. No spoonfuls, of anything though. Just enough to let her taste buds know there are other things out there!

She holds her self up on her arms, when lying on her belly.

She lifts arms and legs, and rocks on her belly.

Since the weather has been warm, she has experienced grass between her toes and fingers. She seems to enjoy it.

She has a cinnamon roll belly button.  I know it's hard to see, but it's cute.  And flat.  Neither an innie or outie.  

Naps are totally haphazard.  We're a lot busier now that when we had just one child.  So, she grabs bits of naps here and there.  Usually she'll catch a 45 minute stretch at some point in the morning. I try to make sure we have a long stretch of nap time in the afternoon (2-3 hours), but sometimes that fails, too.

She sleeps pretty well at night. Since she sleeps with us, I don't notice her waking up much, as she settles quickly once she is being fed. Some nights she wakes several times, others just once.

Sometimes she is all fired up and ready to play.  At midnight.

 Adelle likes to suck on her thumb and index finger.  Or sometimes her whole fist.

 Some other snapshots of our month:

 Some days are harder than others.


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