Thursday, March 29, 2012

moved... check. unpacked... not so much.

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Slowly life is settling in to our new "normal."

We've been in our new home for about 2 months.  We're still unpacking.  There are boxes sitting in corners.  I've been exploring the joys and wonders of cable TV. Not good for unpacking. Excellent for watching the Food Network and HGTV. And Sprout.  The kids really like Sprout.

We've met some of our neighbors.  Our back yard butts up against another yard, no fences in between. This works out well for us, since they have a playset, and have invited our kids to play on it.  They seem like really great people. Elizabeth has met some girls her own age on our street, and likes to ride her bike with them on the sidewalk.

I'm even meeting new people here!  I've connected with a homechool group, and I hope to meet some other mamas through a homebirth group and through the Hoslitic Moms Network.  

I've found the grocery and discount stores.  I'm venturing back into couponing, since food costs are noticeably higher here than Missouri.  Gas prices, too.  Ouch. What a fine time to move to the area of the country that has THE highest gas prices. Perhaps I am glad that we haven't had a need to get a big ol' Suburban (yet). I've been going out of the house more days of the week.  Although I have taken all the kids with me (we even did a 7 hour shopping marathon! yay for them!  and bribery with Oberweis ice cream!), I prefer not to have them shopping with me.  I'm still trying to figure out where to get the best deals, and how to balance the benefits of shopping at several stores with spending the extra gas to go to more than one store.

I still don't have my computer set up.  I don't even have a desk yet. I've been getting by with the iPad, and using Jude's computer once in a while.  His computer has shown me the wonder that is Adobe Lightroom.  I want. I don't know my old Mac will support it, though. Le Sigh.

Other randomness: we went out adventuring a couple weeks ago, and were close to my favorite restaurant, Simon's.  How great is that, to be within 45 minutes of my favorite food?! How odd it is, to drive around in our car, and not the truck loaded down with our belongings.

It is totally whacked to have Jude come home after work. The kids aren't sure what to make of it. They're used to him going to work and being gone for DAYS. Yesterday, he went to work, and came back home for the day 3 hours later.  The kids and I pack lunch for him some days.  It feels so... 1950's housewife.  Except without the perfect hair, skirt, and heels. Not that most 50's housewives actually looked like the media representation.

I've been getting my craft on. Since I don't have a computer set up, I've been pinning ideas, and since I have a craftroom, I went out and got some supplies to be all crafty.  I'll be posting some bragshots in the future.



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