Friday, March 30, 2012

felt envelopes {DIY}

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I saw a cute idea the other day on Etsy (via Pinterest): play envelopes made of felt. (The Etsy seller has some very nice looking felt play items.  Way better than what I can do!)

This is a perfect plaything in our house, since Elizabeth is constantly making notes and writing letters to give to us.

I didn't follow any instructions, but they looked pretty easy to make, so I winged it, and wrote it down for you.

Felt Envelopes

Materials needed:
9x12 Felt in a variety of colors
sewing thread
sharpie or fabric marker

  1. Cut the felt in half, making 9x6 rectangles.
  2. First we'll mark the pocket of the envelope. Fold one short end of the felt up 3.5 inches, making a pocket that's 3.5 inches deep, 6 inches wide. There's a flap of felt that should be about 2 inches left.
  3. Mark where the felt overlays itself. This will be where the flaps folds over the envelope. 
  4. Mark about 1/4 inch past this mark, towards the flap.  This gives enough clearance for the flap to fold over, and cover the opening.
  5. On the flap, mark the center point of the short side (should be 3 inches).
  6. Now we're going to cut the flap into a triangle shape. Cut a straight line between the 1/4 inch mark and the flap center point. Repeat with other edge of the flap.  Keep the little triangle pieces. You'll need them.
  7. Fold the felt into the envelope shape, being sure to line up the short edge with the previously marked fold line. Mark on the pocket and on the fold where you want the velcro to attach.
  8. Sew the velcro on the envelope pocket and the flap.
  9. Using the leftover triangle pieces, cut a square about 1 inch on a side. This is your "stamp." If you have several colors of envelopes, feel free to mix and match stamp colors.
  10. Sew on stamp on to the front of the envelope.  Be sure to place it about 1/4 inch from the edge and the fold.
  11. While you're sewing things, go ahead and stitch a line across the edge of the pocket piece that you fold up.  I didn't do this, and it might cause some stability issues down the road.
  12. Almost done! Fold the pocket (for the final time) and pin it in place. Start at the bottom edge of the pocket of the envelope, keeping the stitch very close to the edge, and sew up the side, along the edges of the flap, and back down the side of the pocked of the envelope. Be sure to back stitch a bit when you start and finish.
  13. Get your sharpie, and "write" addresses on the front of your envelope.
All Done! You can fit a 3x5 index card in them, and give your child a little note, too!

You could get more decorative, and use pinking shears to make the edges of the stamp toothed, or you could even sew on a shape to the stamp, like a star.  I suppose I could have used thread to stitch on the "address," but hey, fast and easy works for me!

This is merely a guide, though, and you could make these any size you want, with whatever embellishments you are interested in.


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