Monday, March 12, 2012

Adelle: 3 months

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Time goes so quickly!! And this post is so late, I'll be updating the 4 month review in just a week or so.  That's life!

Here are some things that have happened since she hit the 2 month mark:

Moved to a new house, in a new state!
Found her hands. They are her favorite toy, and can be quite distracting.
Likes baths in the bathroom sink. It's like her own little spa.
Still spits up a lot, but that's okay.  She's mostly happy, but I must carry extra clothes for both of us when we leave the house.
She weighs in at 12.75 lbs.  That's 4.5 pounds since birth.
She is 24 inches long. For sure at the limit of her 3 month clothes.
She likes to be upright, facing out. That way, she can wave her arms and kick her legs.
Reverse bald-man syndrome. She has a ring of no-hair, and a particularly noticeable bald spot at the back of her head.
Working at rolling over.  She can get on her side, but not over to her tummy.
She knows mama. She gets excited to see mama. Sometimes, if she has been crying for a few minutes, she specifically ignores mama in favor of dad.

Me? Question you with an eyebrow? Never!

Victory! I awoke from my nap, wet my diaper, and conquered the world!

 Shock? Or the "why do you keep taking pictures of me in this unflattering pose?" expression.

Hands. A baby's best toy.


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