Monday, March 12, 2012

Elizabeth: 5 years

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So, a few weeks ago, Elizabeth celebrated her 5th birthday.

She seems pleased to be 5 this year.  There weren't too many protestations of "I don't WANT to be older!" (I hear ya, kid. When did I get to be 33?)

On the evening that we moved here, I got a communal cake to celebrate the birthdays that had recently occurred, and Elizabeth and Nathanael's days, which were upcoming. Some of us even got birthday presents!

On the actual birthday, Elizabeth requested an Enterprise cake.

They go fast. See the flames and the stars? That means fast.
 So I made one. The Romulans must have attacked, because the rice-crispie warp nacelle seems to be damaged. 

E and Uni (Fullname Rainbow Uni Horn), her birthday pillow pet
Since it was just us at the house on her birthday, we skyped a little with Nana and Papa, ate pizza (the requested dinner) and skyped with Grandma and Grandpa.  While skyping with them, we decided to go ahead and bring out the cake, so she got a round of birthday singing from several people, hours away from each other.

Attack of the Silly Monster!

My precious girl. 

And now, a look back at the last 5 years: 


Anna said...

How is it possible? She's grown so much. :) Happy birthday to Elizabeth

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