Friday, April 27, 2012

Adelle: 5 months

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At 5 months, Adelle is a beautiful, chubby baby.  I love the rolls on her legs. So squishy!

Weight:15 lbs 6 oz
Length: 25 1/4 inches

The very dark hair at birth came off and is being replaced.  Her bald baby ring is starting to fill in, and now she has a brown fuzz most places on her head.

She is pushing the limits of her 3-6 month clothes. The kid barely ever has socks on, and no shoes. We're just not shoe or sock people.  I'm not very good at clothing my kids, I guess.  She mostly spends the day in a onsie, unless we're going out, when I might apply pants, socks and an overshirt. I love buying clothes for her, though.

All about Adelle:

She prepares to be picked up - when Adelle is on her belly on the floor, she will lift arms and legs completely off the floor (think baby airplane) in anticipation that she'll be lifted.  If I don't pick her up, she puts her limbs down and looks at me with disappointment.

Adelle is now army crawling across the floor. Scooting, still, I guess, but with much more direction, distance, and intention.  I just watched her pull herself with her arms several feet across the floor to reach a toy that kept running away from her.

She's is just starting to get up on her knees and rock back and forth.  Silly baby.  She's can't even sit by herself, and she's preparing to crawl! She can scoot around pretty accurately, using her arms to pull herself the direction she wants to look or play.

The baby in the mirror has finally caught her attention.  So have our faces.  When she reaches towards something, she often will explore it with just the tip of a finger, usually her index finger. She has found that noses, eyebrows and ears warrant a firmer grasp, and Adelle goes for those with enthusiasm.

Adelle is finally starting to laugh consistently and for several seconds at silly things we do. But mostly, although she's smiley happy, we're just not that funny.  She really loves to look at her siblings, and her face absolutely lights up when they are talking animatedly.

She is beginning to respond to her name.  It's not every time, but sometimes she totally whips her head around to see who is saying her name.

Baby Cakes is a food mooch.  She will grab at our plates and silverware, and she watches food travel from plate to mouth. I've given her far more tastes of things that I did the other two, and at an earlier age.  Reading the whole things about the AAP saying that delaying food types doesn't seem to make a difference in allergies (unless there's a family history of specific food allergies) has caused me to be a lot more relaxed in when my baby gets tastes of food.  I'm still not giving her a whole scoop of anything though.  She's not ready for that - spits everything out.  But she likes crumbs and juicy things!

Adelle has fallen asleep by herself on the floor a few times. She won't do this in bed at nap time, but apparently the floor is a great place to sleep. She is generally in a "no-nap" phase.  She just fights it some times.

Drooling and baby cheese (spit-up, you know?) are still pretty common occurrences. Several times a day, without regard to how recently she ate.  She's still a happy girl though!  Now that she's mobile, I will need to invest in some kind of carpet cleaning device, since she typically leaves little blobs of baby cheese everywhere, and I often don't see them until she's scooted over it and smooshed it into the carpet. Ewww.

Elizabeth's favorite thing about Adelle - "I like to hold her, and talk to her and play with her."
Nathanael's favorite thing about Adelle - "Her toys. She can play with them."
Mama's favorite thing about Adelle - her smiles! And her cute sad faces.


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