Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nathanael: 3 years

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Happy Birthday to my boy! He really wanted a Finn McMissile Cake (from Cars 2), so I made the attempt.  He was pleased, even if Jude and I laughed at the attempt to make it look like the character.

3 years ago, Nathanael was born, our first boy, our first homebirth.

What a little man he was! He still is, but he's "getter bigger. A Big boy!"

He is blond, pale, and blue-eyed.  He's kinda short, and people say he doesn't look three, but I guess they haven't met the rest of my family.  We come by our stature quite honestly.  Maybe other people simply have Giant children. 

He's super awesome, at 3 years old.  He likes planes, trains, and automobiles.  He is a fan of superheros. Movies don't usually scare him, but he is especially sensitive to real (or perceived) emotional or physical injury.  He has an excellent sad face, and has figured out how to play the system.  Having been an older sister to a younger brother, I am aware of the injustice this can sometimes cause.

He says his favorite colors are blue and green. He likes to pretend to be other things, like a fire man, garbage man, police man, mail man, all on his trusty dog. Playing outside is a favorite.  His friends are Chase and Jack, the neighbor boys.  Elizabeth, too, but she's his sister.  And a GIRL.

He still takes naps, and really, really benefits from them, but it can be hard for him to settle enough to actually get the nap done.

Poor kid has been living in shoes too small for who knows how long.  I recently measured his foot and got him new shoes. One and a half sizes bigger than his old pair of shoes.

I've been a slacker, and haven't been working with him too much on learning "school" things.  He can say the alphabet, and recognizes most letters. He can say the numbers up to 12 or so, and can consistently count objects up to 7 or 8, if he doesn't get impatient and just start saying numbers fast. He likes working with scissors, and drawing some, but that's not really his favorite thing to do. He knows his colors and shapes.  He's a good helper, when I remember to let him help.

He is potty trained, and dry day and night! yay!! We're mostly working now on getting the underpants on BEFORE leaving the bathroom, and getting them on NOT backwards (same for pants/shorts).  The step stools I made are a huge help, because he can take care of most bathroom business all by himself!

Here's what 3 years can do:


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