Friday, April 13, 2012

back online

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I now have a computer desk, and the computer is set up and running!  Perhaps you had figured this out, from the recent increase in posts.  Typing on a real keyboard is so much nicer than on a silly touch screen!

I would show you a picture,  but the wall is really boring behind it.  Plain white. So I'll need to finish doing some decorating before I post my space up.

I'm hoping that in the coming months I can share a bit more about what's up in my life - you know, things like my efforts to (once again) loose weight after baby (only this time, starting much higher than I did the last 2 times. boo). Or some of my craftiness, my dive in to homeschooling.  Maybe expose some of my bad side, too - you know that no one in the world is perfect, right?  I'm not perfect - I have a short temper, and I'm prone to yelling, spanking my kids, throwing things, and flat out ignoring my kids.  But that is all a work in progress.

I have some things planned, now it's a matter of getting them done!


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