Thursday, April 12, 2012

chalkboard door sign {DIY}

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When we moved in, my mom wanted to get a housewarming gift for the kids.  We brainstormed a bit, and decided that some signs with their names would be a great way to help them feel some ownership in their spaces.  Elizabeth and Nathanael share a room now, and this helped Elizabeth to understand that it wasn't just HER room anymore.

I looked around to see if I could find some pre-made chalkboard door signs, but I wasn't having any luck.  So, I ventured out with the kids to Hobby Lobby, and they helped me pick out their signs.

Elizabeth picked round with red ribbon, Nathanael picked rectangle with blue ribbon.  Putting them together was pretty easy!


Thin plywood
chalkboard paint
ribbon or other hanger
paint brushes (for liquid paints)
1/4" drill

I marked on each board where I wanted the holes drilled.  Although I did do a bit of measuring to make sure they were equidistant from edges, I just guesstimated what looked right for the space between.  Jude drilled the boards for me.

Sand the boards lightly to ensure a smooth surface.

Apply primer (I didn't do this, and wish I had.  It would have made the surface more consistent. Didn't sand, either, since my sandpaper is missing somewhere in a box.) Let it dry for the time indicated on the primer.

Apply chalkboard paint as indicated on the container.  Mine required two coats, applied perpendicular to each other with an hour between each coat. Then a 24 hour dry before use.

Check on sleeping baby.  Yup, the swing is working well.

Prime the chalkboard with a light layer of chalk (apparently this is a must for the board to work right!) Wipe off the layer.

Add ribbon/hanging device.

Draw your design, and hang it up!

We hung the signs at kid eye level, which is great for them seeing them.  Not so good for the designs staying on the boards, but they have fun with them.


Anna said...

I love it!

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