Friday, April 27, 2012

in which randomness reigns supreme

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gratuitous happy baby shot (photog'd by E)
So much to do today.  So I'm starting out by posting what I thought about this morning in the shower.

1. I love my scale. It told me I weigh 3 pounds less than I did 2 weeks ago. Yay!

2) I have a quilt to cut, piece, and get over to the quilt shop for quilting (seriously, I'm not THAT awesome... yet...) in less than 4 weeks.  I've had the fabric for this quit for almost 4 years.

3 - I really should be doing something like... the laundry.  Or cleaning the bathrooms, especially the toilets.  Nathanael doesn't like to use one of the toilets because there is a little piece of stuck on grodyness (his fault) and the stupid toilets are low-flow, and don't do much to keep it rinsed well. Maybe if I clean it every.single.time. he uses the potty, then he will not be doing a potty dance at 5 AM?

4* I feel like a slacker because my house has never been well decorated.  Surely, it should be well decorated.  I mean, I went to school and graduated with an environmental design degree! I went to a FIDER accredited school! I was running with the top dogs of my class, so that means someone thought I was kinda okay at designing things, at least they did 12 years ago.  I am way less awesome in house coolness than my friend Melanie.  She's got mad skilz. I bet some of my other house/studio-mates are living in the lap of uber-design.  I live in the lap of suburban rental. With old lady furniture (no, really - I got it from a couple of old ladies), kids, and a tendency towards clutter. But, I must remember I never wanted to be an interior designer. I wanted to restore old buildings!

5# My bedroom walls (and ceiling!) remind me of breastfeed-baby poop. If I could get past the color (and the paint pattern/splotching) I might be able to envision something a little more glamorous, but alas, it clashes with the look I'm going for.

6^ I *heart* my local Goodwill store(s). I did not have one of these before. Cheap Stuff!  Unless it's not, but that's another story.

7@ Our impala is managing with 3 kids in the back seat somewhat acceptably. I still want a big ol' Suburban. Or a Traverse.

8. My kids and I have the runny nose/cough/sore throat sickies. The timer went off for me to load us up on vitamins and supplements to hasten our recovery.  I must bid adieu.


Melanie said...

okay, i literally laughed out loud at the mention of my name and house coolness in the same sentence.

i was nodding my head in agreement that i still don't feel like i have our house together after being here six years.

Carrie said...

okay, well, you stage your photos very well ;) and I love your paint colors and kitchen remodel!

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