Wednesday, April 23, 2008

fitness blogging

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I have an interest in fitness blogging. As I've been progressing on my journey towards life long fitness (1/3 of the way to my goal BMI since December!) I've been cruising around the blogosphere, subscribing to blogs that seem to fit my interest and that represent what I might one day like to develop a specific blog about.

Here are some of my current favorites: (there are lots more out there - tell me some that you like that aren't on my list!)

The Great Fitness Experiment
- I like this one because I totally relate -She's not a profession health, fitness, nutrition expert - just an average person who has an interest in sharing her research and experiences in getting fit.

The Fit Shack - I like how this blog balances the body, mind, and spirit when it comes to health and fitness. This blog also comes from a woman who is interested in sharing what she has learned as she works towards life long health.

Workout Mommy - From a woman who has experience as a personal trainer, and as a mom trying to fit it all in! I like the video clips that she finds that relate to fitness (but that's not all that she has - lots of other good stuff!)

Fitness for Mommies - This blog is comes from a woman who has history in the fitness world as a teacher and athlete.

Go Workout Mom - Also a blog from a mom-turned personal trainer. I like how she invites her readers to get more involved both in fitness and with each other.



Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Congratulations on your fitness progress, it sounds like you're really moving along! :)

I really do enjoy sharing my experiences, and I also cannot say that I'm a personal trainer - nope, just a regular person with a great interest in self-improvement. I'm focused on the weight loss aspect of self-improvement at The Fit Shack, but I do believe it takes a complete lifestyle change, body mind & spirit to keep that weight off for life.

Keep on going with your improving your health and fitness, the better you feel the more that will positively impact your creative and artistic growth, too. :)

Anonymous said...

You're doing fantastic, Carrie. I love the virtual support of fitness blogging. It's a great way to release thoughts and see how others face their challenges. We are all on a different path, but there are many similarities too!

Thank you for the kind words too!

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