Thursday, April 03, 2008

near the garden

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This spring I'm starting something I've never really done before - a vegetable garden. I've made half hearted attempts in the past, but they usually failed miserably. I've enjoyed the bounty from my neighbor's garden, but I feel like a mooch, when they do all the work and share so generously with my family.

I'm still going to kind-of be mooching. I'll be using a corner of my neighbors' garden to put in some vegetables that I'm interested in - 2 varieties of lettuce, kale, red peppers, green beans, onions and garlic. My intent is that it is a sink-or-swim proposition - I don't want to be rescued if I neglect the garden. If I know that someone else will take care of it, I'm much more likely to find excuses to not do it. I think the challenge here will be more if my neighbors can stand to watch me make some no-doubt painfully learned lessons. I'm grateful for the experience that my neighbors can offer me, and for the preparatory tilling that they'll do as they get the garden ready for planting the tomatoes and corn that they usually put in.

I'm sure I'll be asking for lots of advice, like "Is this a weed, or a vegetable plant?" and "Do they really need water so bad that I have to haul it up to the garden?" It is unfortunate that the garden is several hundred yards away from my home and a water source, but on the hill we live on, it's the flattest, sunniest spot available. (Also one of my excuses for not starting a garden before now.)

I hope to have a positive report back in the coming months. I think this will be a great opportunity to get outside, chase a baby who keeps pulling the wrong weeds and eating the dirt, and a confidence booster. I've always wanted to garden, and now I'll find out if it's really all that I think it should be!


Justin Crozier said...

I want to have a garden also. I think it's interesting that we are the children of our very diligent gardening father (and mother) and yet are so unwilling to do the requisite work to make a garden happen. I don't think I'm all that lazy, and yet Dad does this stuff with seemingly little difficulty.

Anonymous said...

When I made a garden and I had an 18 month old baby, I put the baby in a harness and attached him to a clothes line in a long lead. Not too effective.

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