Monday, April 21, 2008

mud pie

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This morning, our family was outside working in the yard. We were moving dirt to fill in some low spots where water ponds during rain (which does absolutely nothing positive for growing grass in those spots). Elizabeth was helping by putting clumps of dirt into the wheel barrow. Then she helped by rubbing the dirt around that we had placed on the ground. Surely this helps us to level it, right?

We moved on to clearing out some leaves that had collected in the ditch behind our house. It's a clean kind of ditch, where all it does is catch the water coming down the hill behind our house so we don't have a waterfall in our basement. The leaves had been collecting in that ditch for more than a year, and were damming up the water in its course to the big drainage ditch, leaving some very muddy spots in the ditch. As we raked the leaves, Elizabeth ventured down to the ditch, and tested the mud out with her hand. Hmm. This looks like something good to play with...

She stuck her finger in the mud, much like you might imagine Little Jack Horner who stuck his thumb in the Christmas pie (and pulled out a plumb! oh what a good boy am I!). She took a good look at it, and popped it in her mouth. Yum. The expression on her face was priceless. She spat out the mud, leaving it to dribble down her chin like some young man's trendy facial hair.

She didn't repeat that experience. Mud pie does not taste like chocolate, despite the remarkable resemblance.


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