Tuesday, April 08, 2008

words and actions

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A report on Elizabeth's words and actions.

Her repetoire of signs has increased, and she now actually signs one word she doesn't say: Where. So I ask "Where's your nose?" and she waggles her finger and sometimes points to something on her head. She signs for phone, bird, hot, and I think that's about it. I guess she doesn't say phone either. So that's 2 words unsaid.

She also has be saying "Da," or "Dad" pretty consistently and in the right context. I still only get, "Mum-mum-mum-mum" when she's upset. We know who she prefers now.

She's becoming an obvious mimic - a few weeks ago, her Nana was trying to get her to say "Nana." Elizabeth said it quite clearly, and hasn't said it or anything like it since. Stubborn.

Yesterday, our neighbors were over for dinner, and Evelyn (the neighbor Grandma, who's not really related, but is the mother of Elizabeth's uncle) was touching her own nose and saying "beep, beep." Elizabeth suddenly grabs her own nose, and does the same thing. What a cutie!

I've been playing YMCA as part of her morning music, and working on the actions with her. Now, occasionally, she'll stick her arms up in the air during the song.

Every time she hears or sees clapping, she also claps enthusiastically.

We have some stacking/nesting boxes, and we've been stacking and unstacking, while counting the blocks. She stacks them up herself (only 3-4 high, after that they start falling over) and she says words each time she sets a block down. Clever girl.

She's pretty good about drinking from an open cup all by herself. Sometimes she adds her own flavors to her beverages. Yesterday, she had apple juice garnished with strawberry and dill pickle at lunch. Yum!

All of these things are typical baby things, but they're so fun to see, especially when a new skill is displayed!


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