Friday, April 04, 2008

I could be more frugal, but...

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I've thought about doing the following, both for the money saved, and the perceived health benefit. I don't imagine most people would consider doing these. Although I am intrigued, I think I'll pass for now.

1) Reusable wipes for adults. Yes, instead of paying for toilet paper, I could just make some wipes (just like I use with cloth diapers) for adults. For some reason, I find this more gross than the idea of using cloth for babies. It's not like it would require any extra effort - they could just be put in the same pail as all the diapers, but... Maybe some day. With regular toilet paper for guests.

2) Cloth menstrual pads. Kind of the same deal with cloth wipes for adults. There are health reasons that make this appealing (same as why I prefer not to use disposable diapers with babies). Not there yet.

I wanted to Add:
3) I could not wear contact lenses, and just go with glasses all the time, but I'm not in a dire need of saving every penny I can gather. We earn money so we can use it, not so we can just sock it away for eternity!

I'm sure there are other interesting and unconventional frugal ideas, but I'm at a loss for them now. Let me know of the more unusual tips you've encountered!


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