Monday, April 14, 2008

rocks for your gizzard

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Today, the family was at a campgrounds belonging to our church, doing some work on the new wireless internet system. (yes, even when you're retreating from the world, you can't escape the internet.) While Jude was crawling around the attic space of the shower house where one of the access point antennas was located, Elizabeth and I took some time to explore the sticks, leaves, mud and rocks on the grounds. (shame on me; no camera! what kind of photog mom am I?!)

So, I'm moving fallen sticks and branches into piles under the trees, and Elizabeth is sorting through the rocks on the gravel paths. Every once in a while she finds the "right" one, and tries to take a bite. I chase after her, "rock are not for the mouth," and eventually she turns to give me the rock, oh so sweetly, "here mom, I picked this one out just for you!"

I don't think she swallowed any rocks, but I guess since she doesn't have much in the way of teeth, they'd be good for her gizzard. If she had a gizzard.


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