Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love/hate my gadgets

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I sometimes think I could live without my TV. I've cut out a lot of TV viewing in the last few years, to the point that it's hardly ever on during the week. Sometimes I'll watch a movie. Seriously, I think I have about 3 hours of total TV viewing a week now. I think some day we might just get rid of the thing all together. Trent over at The Simple Dollar offers a compelling argument for ditching TV - and, I could sell the thing and buy some nice living room furniture to fill the space left by our 56" HDTV. (Yeah. That's big. But not as big as my brother's 61" TV.)

My computer on the other hand... I can hardly imagine using my computer less. I love that I have such easy access to information, that I am involved in various online communities, that I have people I can rely on just a click of the mouse away. I hate that I spend so much time here. I sometimes ignore my daughter when she's practically begging for attention (because finishing reading some posts on a forum is more important?) I sit here reading interesting, but pointless things sometimes, just because I am unwilling to put effort towards more worthwhile things, like maintaining a pleasant home for my family, or taking time to study scripture.

I love my cool phone, because it's techno-geeky. I hate that I feel like I'm missing my hand if I forget it at home. I love being able to communicate at whim with almost anyone, any time. I hate that we expect people to be at our beck and call. I love that with cell phones, I could reach my kids at any time. I hate that it makes it harder to let your child grow up when they can always be reached. I hate that my child will feel like a social outcast if I don't get her one when she's 10!

It's definitely a love/hate relationship between me and my gadgets. Maybe an EMP bomb wouldn't be so bad...


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