Monday, May 19, 2008

consumer's corner

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See that? I have one now. Yes, it's Orange. It's the Motorola Rokr Z6m in Mandarin Orange.

My old phone was getting to the end of life. Battery life was short - I had to charge it after a long conversation. It would quit on me at odd times. It dropped calls right and left. It was the "free" phone (I've always gotten the free phone. What If I do something horrible to my phone? I don't want to have paid a lot for it...)

So, we go into our cell phone store, and we're looking around at all the phones. None of the free phones grab me. I spent 10 minutes circling the display of phones feeling conflicted, and at an impasse. I ask Jude 'If you were picking out a phone for me, what would you pick out?' And this lovely phone was the result.

He's right. I like it.

It has a decent camera (nice, since I always complain about not having a small camera to carry around, as my Canon 10D is too bulky to carry around for those spontaneous cute kid shots). It has a video recorder. It plays music. While these might be normal features to the rest of the world, for me, it's something totally new.

I feel like such a consumer.


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