Wednesday, May 07, 2008

things green

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I'm into "green" things (although, green is not my favorite color. I prefer blue. or Orange.)

Some green related things I've found:
Enviroblog - a place for to get info on many things environmental. And for me, I'm learning more about the stuff I want to avoid. Unfortunately, I can't hide from everything.

Green related things going on around my house:
Lilacs. Lots of them.

This weekend, Jude was being very thoughtful, and purchased the chicken wire and installed the posts I need to set up a compost pile. Yea! I've been wanting one for years, and he helped me get it done. I know I'm loved! (Seriously!) This compost will make excellent additions to the flowerbeds and soil around our home.

Hopefully, the end of this week will see seeds and seedling planted in the garden. It's been rainy here just often enough that we've been having a tough time getting the soil dry enough to till. But, it's looking good for the rest of the week. Garden, here I come (with compost!)


Anna said...

My lilacs are still dark purple stubs. They are one of my very favorite flowers, so you have one more green thing (me!) to add to your list. ;)
We saw a worm box on the garden segment of the news recently, and I honestly think it's pretty cool. WORMS! I need to do a little more research on them before we commit, though.

Anna said...

I just found this, and thought of you!

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