Monday, May 12, 2008

my visit to the Capitol

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Last week, I made my first-ever visit to my state capitol building, and I was on a mission. I went to speak to my senator and my representative about the midwifery bill that is floating around down there, and to encourage them to vote yes on the bill, and to make efforts to encourage their co-workers to do the same. That was met with what I would describe as non-committal response from both. They were nice enough, though.

I actually set foot on the senate chamber floor, since that is where my senator was. Elizabeth, my sister-in-law, and I were led to a side-bench in the "by senators invtiation only area" and I spoke with my senator on and off for about 5 minutes. It was interesting to put faces to the voices that I've been hearing as I've listened in to the debate streamed live from the senate.

I saw the house of representatives, also, but had to troop back upstairs to find my rep in his office.

One thing that struck me as I interacted with both men - I thought I knew what politics in action looked like, but this was the real deal - being politely (with a smile, because I'm a constituent!) half ignored, while trying to answer my questions with the most round-about answers possible. Don't want to say too much, lest they commit to something they don't really want to, or lest they get in trouble with their party.

I spent some time in the gallery, watching more debate, and was disappointed that my bill wasn't brought up. They ended up closing shop early, and adjourning until Monday. Boo.

Thanks to the internet, I'll be able to listen in over this last week of the session, hoping to hear some good news for midwives.


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