Tuesday, May 13, 2008

setting goals

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I've been participating in Go Workout Mom's Goal Call Monday for the past several weeks. Unfortunately for me, 2 of those weeks I've failed to meet my goals.

I have no sage advice to offer on how to meet goals. I know there's a certain degree of stick-to-it-iveness that is needed to set realistic goals and to accomplish them. Perhaps it is unrealistic to say 'I'm going to exercise 5 days this week,' knowing that I will be traveling and visiting people on 2 of those 5 days. That's setting myself up for failure if I set a goal that I don't even plan on reaching. How dumb!

So this week, I've switch from an exercise based goal to a nutrition related goal - I'm going to aim for drinking 48 oz of water. That's just 6 8 oz glasses of water in a day. I like drinking water, and I know I feel thirsty during the day, so this would be an improvement over the 16-2o ounces that I usually drink!

I have a method for keeping track of my water. I have some of those little glass beads used in flower vases and fish tanks, and 2 decorative glass jars. Every time I drink a glass of water (8 oz) I move a bead from one jar to the other. That way, I have a visual of what I've done, and what I have left.

What are your tricks for helping you keep on track of your goals?


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