Friday, May 30, 2008

link day

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Today I'm putting up some links to some sites that are interesting and informative for those of us into reducing the chemical load on our systems. Sometimes people are inclined to think that to do so is nearly impossible - these sites show you how normal people can manage it.

BrandAid - This is a site with a growing archive of everyday brands that contain the least amount of bad-for-you extras.

SkinDeep: Cosmetics Safety Database
An extremely enlightening resource! I've been poring over ingredient labels in personal care products for years, but this easy to use database covers it all, and takes out a lot of work - all I need to do is look at the product type (like diaper cream) and I'll get a listing of best to worst brands based on the chemical load of the ingredients.

Environmental Working Group - This site connects you to a variety of information related to humans and the environment, with special emphasis on chemical burden. This is the parent of the skin deep site listed above, but I felt they both deserved particular mention. Here you can delve deep into the issue. (I subscribe to the Enviroblog, and I love it!)


Anna said...

The BrandAid one was especially helpful. Rachel likes to eat Lunchables, the pizza one especially. She gets one every few months, but she asks more often.
Anyway, one article specifically mentioned the pizza ones. So, I took the opportunity to show her how many nasty things are in it. She may not understand the big words (who does?!) but the bolding was helpful to show her the disproportionate amount of chemicals involved.

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