Friday, June 25, 2010

expanding my food horizons

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I've been trying some new recipes recently.  My source of inspiration? The Pioneer Woman.

Here are some of my recent attempts:

pico de gallo - I've been really enjoying this. I've seriously finished off a whole recipe of this with some chips in one day.  At least I'm getting my fresh veggies for the day, right?
homemade tortillas - I loved them! so much better than store bought.  They were easy to make, but they took a long time. Rolling them out and cooking them is the longest part of the process. Perhaps  a tortilla press is in my future?
chicken pot pie - this was last done back in April, I think, when it was just a wee bit cooler outside.  very tasty!
mozzerella sticks - enjoyable, but I'll have to get the frying process better.
homemade ranch dressing - also tasty, but it would no doubt be better with fresh herbs.

And, courtesy of the simple dollar, chicken strips.  We liked them, but I cooked them just a little too long, so they were a bit dry.  The honey mustard flavor was a hit!

Are these earth-shaking foods? Not by a long stretch.  But, it has been nice to be trying out some new foods in our house.

I'm feeling the need for some baking.  The heat and humidity is holding me back a little, but I'm sure there are some tasty treats on the horizon. I've been contemplating the cake donut recipe from over at The Pioneer Woman.  Unfortunately, I think I need some victims willing to help me eat some potentially over-cooked donuts - it might take me a while to get the hang of frying them.

And thinking of fried carb-y foods - what's up with that?  So much for healthy eating, I guess.  My life would be better without some inspirations, I think.


Melanie said...

you have to try her meatballs and cinnamon rolls - they're to die for!

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