Wednesday, June 09, 2010

garden harvest

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I harvested the first "fruits" of my garden a few days ago. Lettuce and onion greens. I forgot to take a picture. The onion greens were fine. The lettuce? apparently I let it go a bit too long, and it was a little bitter. Eating it along with something else covered the bitterness, but still a little disappointing. We'll see if the second harvest will also be bitter.

Our strawberries are growing nicely. I'm guessing I'll need to net them soon to keep our bird friends from eating our berries before we get to.

I discovered green cloverworms in the half-barrel that is containing my snow peas and zucchini. When I went to check my green beans, I found them there, too. I'll be checking daily to see if I can pluck them from the plants. I put a couple of them in a jar when I was investigating the kind of catepillar I had, and I found that they can eat through a leaf pretty quickly. Clearly, it is imperative that I keep them from my plants if I want my plants to survive.

My tomato plants have blossoms on them. Yay!

I'm still pleased that I haven't killed most of my plants yet. Although, I think my transplanted garlic might be done for. I think we forgot to water it a few times. Oops.


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