Saturday, June 26, 2010

moving, and scraping, and painting, oh my!

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Moving! Again!

Sometime in late summer/early fall we'll be relocating.  Yes, we moved less than a year ago.  And where are we moving to this time?  The same house we lived in before.

This time, however, we'll be doing some upgrading and decorating before we move in.  Since the house will be empty, that is the opportunity to fix some leaky plumbing, deal with some potentially lead-based paint (it's an old house, you know?), deal with the flooring.

I'm in seriously need of hauling my designer skilz out of the closet, dusting them off, and putting them to good use. I would love to have something fun for the kids' room, but it would need to be gender-equitable. And, it would need to work with my assorted mismatched furniture.

My problem is I'm just to indecisive.  So many options! So many potential sources of inspiration!

I would also really like to create a pleasant, cohesive bedroom space for us, that might even involve new bedding and curtains. And night stands.  And maybe a great chair, but that might be pushing it. New light fixtures would be fun, but alas, I think that's not in the cards for us.

We'll probably be arranging our main living areas differently than before, but we are still in negotiations about the final use of each space.

We're on a budget, and I have just a few weeks to really work this out before we need to get fixing and painting.  I'm hoping for something super awesome, but plain awesome will do.


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