Friday, June 18, 2010

garden helpers

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More bounty from our garden.  If one grown snow pea and about 5 strawberries could be called bounty.

Here are the blossoms of three other snow peas.  Not bad, considering of the 8 or so plants I started with, only one managed to survive. 


So there. I've admitted it. I did in fact kill some of my plants.  I don't know why they died.  Negligence, no doubt, but it's not like I didn't water them or feed them, or move them to a more sheltered place once I realized they were being nibbled on by some creatures.  Such picky things, these plants.
On to the strawberries. 

Have I mentioned that Nathanael likes strawberries?  Because he really, really does.

He discovered the strawberries on in the pots a few days ago. I have to watch him like a hawk when we are outside. Otherwise, he'll try to eat the strawberry right off the plant.


He sure is cute. 

We had some strawberries after lunch - warm, juicy and tartly sweet.

We're really enjoying our container garden!


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