Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NTDI: episode 5 - what goes up...

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Just when I thought I had a handle on things.

There's been some return of stink. Just a bit. But enough to let me know that I can't be complacent in my laundry. I let a few things slip. The weather hasn't been cooperating with me to sun the diapers.

I had been trying to get in the habit of rinsing every diaper before depositing in the diaper pail. I even moved the diaper pail to the bathroom, so it would be a convenient reminder to rinse the diaper with the diaper sprayer that is attached to the toilet. I missed a few here, a few there...

Then, the city decided to flush the water hydrants. When that happens, the water supply turns a nice rust orange for a few days. Two years ago this happened, and I didn't catch it before I put the diapers in the washer. Everything came out permanently rust orange. Having learned my lesson that time, I knew I wasn't going to let any of the diapers approach the water supply until it cleared up. Four days later, I had a diaper pail half full of unrinsed, stinky diapers. Since I had realized that I wouldn't be washing diapers for a few days, I pulled out the disposable diapers from the closet, and saved my self the headache of washing diapers for two days straight.

I think perhaps some of the odor got a little set into the fabrics. Perhaps if the sun would agree to shine upon us again, I can get the diapers out for some high quality sun time. I think that will help resolve the minor lingering stink issues.

Overall, though, I've been pleased with the performance of the diapers for night time. No leaking, no fussing kids.

A review of what I've been using recently for night time:

Elizabeth - a toddler sized-prefold from Green Mountain Diapers (larger than a regular prefold) with a Hemp Babies Little Weeds hemp/cotton insert, with a Snappi, covered with either a Bummis super whisper wrap large cover (Froggie Pond!) or a celery green Thirsties wrap (also large). Sometimes I use a Proraps classic large cover, too.

Nathanael - a BumGenius OneSize pocket diaper, stuffed with two BumGenius microfiber inserts. Ever since I got the stink out, microfiber at night hasn't been an issue. It's trimmer than using a prefold, so even though the prefold is almost guaranteed to not stink or cause ammonia burn, I keep trying to get the kid back into microfiber. It works for us for now.


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