Thursday, January 20, 2011

building furniture

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I'm at my parent's house this week to build some furniture.  Somethings like this:

Except adapted. I'm doing two sets, one for each side of the entry way.  I'm building them shorter, because my entry hall walls aren't that wide.  I'm building kind of differently, and apparently a little more complex, because my dad is cool, and he knows how to build stuff.  He built a toy storage bench for us, and the details on the entry pieces will match the toy bench.  That's why it's a little complex. Because we're essentially designing our own, and not using the plans on Ana White's (awesome!) site.

I came across Ana White's blog, and feel totally inspired.  I see a few other pieces I'd like to build.  Night stands, a shelf unit for the kids room, and maybe for our room.  My problem is, Jude keeps his tools with him at work, so if I want to build during the week, then I have to go somewhere else.  My dad's studio/workshop is ideally arranged.  Added bonus:  My dad knows how to use the equipment, so he can guide me when I have no clue what to do.

My dad did a lot of the major cutting for the shelves.  I'm not experienced with a table saw.  I was requested to leave the big cuts to the experts. No problem.

So, today is Thursday.  We started cutting and constructing on Tuesday, and I've been able to spend about 3 hours each day working on the pieces. I have the shelf units built, and now I am working on staining them.  Hopefully tonight I'll get some varnish on the shelves.

We might get to cutting the pieces for the bench units tonight.  Sick children and snow have been conspiring against me.  I hope I can have these finished by the time I need to leave (deadline is Monday).  That leaves me 3 full days.  If I can get some substantial work done tonight on the benches, perhaps, just maybe, we'll be able to finish them up in time for me to take them all home!


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