Tuesday, January 04, 2011

my experience with Rockin' Green Shake It Up and Funk Rock

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During "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving, I bought a collection of products from Rockin' Green.  I was really curious to see how they all worked for me, as I've only tried the detergent, and I've generally liked it.

Two of the products I was especially interested in were Shake It Up Diaper Pail Freshener and Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer.

Shake It Up - I'm not very impressed.  It doesn't put a dent in my diaper odor smells.  I have two scents, and I've been using them for more than a month (one I won in a giveaway sometime in October, I think).  When I first put it in, and on the next time I open the pail, I will smell the scent of the pail freshener, but it doesn't cover the smell or neutralize it in any way.  I would have to put so much in there that it would not be worth it.  I'm also concerned that it might make washing diapers more challenging, or in some way interfere with them (although that's just paranoia  - I'm sure Rockin' Green works hard to be diaper safe!) I put some in the bottom of my diaper pail, and then put the pail liner in.  I found that since the pail liner leaks, it just made a residue on the pail liner that took two washer to gt out. I've used Shake It Up on my carpet.  I'll probably continue to put some in my diaper pail, but I feel it's kind of a pointless effort. It smells nice, at least!

Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer - I had a bit more success with this, I think, but still not wildly impressed.  I followed the instructions on the bag, and went through a whole bag in just a few days.  I washed only the inserts and prefolds, since that's where the problem is.  I soaked about 20 diapers each time in Rockin' Green detergent overnight, washed, soaked with 4 tbsp of Funk Rock, usually for more than an hour, washed another time to get the funk rock out, and washed with Rockin Green, and rinsed, rinsed, rinsed. I've been using a tbsp of funk rock in my prewash since then, too.

Many of the diapers lost the funky smell they had straight out of the washer.  Not all, though. Ammonia in the mornings or during the day is hit or miss - sometimes it happens, sometimes not.  Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll set aside the inserts and prefolds with the strongest scent, and try soaking them again.

I have most of a bag of funk rock remaining, which should see me through the end of the month.  Perhaps after that I'll have a different opinion.

But for me, at this point, I think it can work for some people, and I think it helped my diapers, but it's not the miracle I had hoped for.


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