Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am a runner

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I never thought I would hear myself say I am a runner.

Runners are people who... run. For enjoyment. Because they want to. Because they can. They are athletes.

I was a kid with asthma. I hated the running tests in PE. I have never described myself as an athlete.

Last Friday, I ran the greatest amount of time I have ever run continuously in my entire life:  20 minutes. I didn't check distance. Probably close to a mile and a half.  I was exhausted.  I was shaking.  I realized I was running a bit short on oxygen at the end (narrowing vision). But I made it. Six weeks ago, I thought running 2 minutes at a time was near to death.

Tuesday of this week, I ran on my mom's treadmill (love it! so much nicer than mine!) I walked 5, ran 8, walked 3, ran 5, walked 3 ran 8, walked a few more.  It was almost.... easy. Required effort, yes. Made me tired. I was glad to be done.  I wasn't desperate to be done.  I wasn't breathless.  I didn't have a cramp in my side.

After I finished my 20 minute run, my husband said to me, "You know, you will be able to run the entire race in April. If you can do this now, you'll be ready then." Or something like that.  It was a vote of confidence, and I appreciated it.

Yes, my army brother and I are going to run a 5k in April, in the Kansas City area.  I'm really excited, but a little bit nervous.  I'm not expecting to win, but I am expecting to finish.  I figure that even if I walked the whole thing I could do that in an hour.  So running it? Not a big deal.

I hope.

I'm a runner!


ASiriusGirl said...

Woohoo!! Go you!
I am not a runner LOL!
I definitely hate it and not sure that I will ever like it!

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