Friday, January 07, 2011

my C25K

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I still haven't come up with a handy moniker for my fitness and health journey this year.

I still am doing the C25K program. I'm repeating week 4, and day 2 was *almost* tolerable/enjoyable.  I think I'm learning to pace myself a little better. I think when next week rolls around, I'll move on to week 5, but I might do week 5 over the course of 3 weeks - you know, do day one for one week, day two for a week, etc.

I ran on my mom's treadmill over the holidays, and I think I like hers better.  There's more cushioning on the deck which is a little nicer on my knees.  But, I have what I have, and I can still run inside without really going anywhere.

Plodding along.

Maybe, just MAYBE I've lost a pound this week.  My scale lies to me, though - I weighed myself after a visit to the loo, and before eating or drinking anything, and it told me one weight.  I weighed myself again a couple hours later after showering, and it told me a pound and a half lighter. What?1?  Eat, Drink, and take a shower, and suddenly, you weigh less! 

I'm taking a very loose approach to slim fast, which probably isn't helping me.  I'm not counting the calories every day, because my perfectionism makes that a challenge.  Instead, I'm sticking to a range of specific things for breakfast, lunch and snack that are within the proper range of calories, and I'm trying to be aware of portion size and nutritional content at dinner.  I'm also eating more than the 1200 calories they aim for, and go more for about 1300 calories, since I'm still breastfeeding my son a few times a day.

One of the upsides of slimfast -because I don't eat very much at a time, my capacity to eat at dinner is more limited. I feel full faster.  The first few days of slimfast, I was hungry almost all the time.  It's better now, and I tend to get hungry just before a snack or meal time.

This past weekend, we ate out at a restaurant (see, not too strict!) And although I'm sure I ate more than my designated calories for the day, I still ate less than I would have just a few weeks ago. So, I'm getting my portions sizes back under control.

My sister-in-law is working on loosing weight too, but her caloric issues are totally different than mine.  Perhaps if we could just trade a few of our food issues, we might balance each other out!

I have a cousin who's getting herself in gear, too.  She's got the challenge of being a working single mom in the middle of the frigid, snowy plains, working some crazy hours.  She can do it.  I believe in you! She used to run cross country, I think. Maybe I should get her to do the C25K with me!

Maybe I need to find a 5K happening some time this spring, and invite my family to join me for a run.  That could be a twisted sort of fun.  What do you think?


Trent said...

Did you adjust your weigh-ins for clothing and the contents of your pockets?

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