Wednesday, January 05, 2011


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Nathanael has quite the imagination.

He has made planes by holding two blocks cross-wise.  He makes trains out of sippy bottles.

Recently, he stacked a triangular block on a rectangular block, and exclaimed, "Boat!"

He "cooks" things - he stirs in pots and pours tea (with E's tea set when he can steal it from her), and brings a spoonful of pretend soup to us to eat.  He makes slurping and eating noises.

It's delightful for me to see this in action.  Elizabeth's imagination at a similar age was different.  Her pretend play was much more relational - playing with stuffed animals, playing ball, coloring, dancing and other interactive activities.

Nathanael likes to interact, too, but his independent play if much different.

Such a cute and funny little guy!


Anna said...

It is sad to say, but I much prefer Noah's play to the girls' playing. There's plenty of emotions to deal with on a real, tangible level and I don't want to invent more drama- FOR FUN! ugh.

But if you want to drive a small car on my arm, leg, back? Sure! Go for it.

Carrie said...

N does the same thing with cars! He actually gets irritated if I move my leg to a different position, because it messed up his play.

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