Saturday, March 12, 2011

bloggy giveaways

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I had mentioned a while back that I was entering some blog giveaways, and that I had done pretty well in terms of prizes.  I guess my winning streak came to an end a while back, so I hadn't been entering as many giveaways.  I kept seeing giveaways I thought were great, but I just never took the time to do the work. 

I'm entering a few more giveaways now - a few a week, I guess, so my chances of winning something is less, but I'm spending time doing other things now, like hanging out with my kids and (gasp!) going to bed early, and exercising and stuff like that.

I've still had a slight urge to post my own giveaways - Think how awesome it could be to get some free stuff, simply for reviewing a product and hosting a giveaway!  I wouldn't mind winning a cool outdoor playhouse, or a new car seat or something like that.

Alas, that takes some investment of time, and a following of people.

I admit, I "follow" a lot of blogs simply because of the giveaways.  I might have an increase in traffic, but I don't think I would really have a substantial increase in readership.  Besides, I think most of the time, I think the only thing that ties my posts together is me - there's not category or genre that I primarily post about.  I'm not a celebrity blogger, or a book blogger, or a personal finance blogger (not dogging on you Trent - kudos to you for such a fantastic and Consistent blog!)

So, I guess I continue to post about my life - about parenting, diapers, photos, exercise, birth stuff, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I hope you enjoy!


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