Saturday, March 05, 2011

perpetual sickies

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We've had nearly perpetual sickness in our house for about 6 weeks.

If it's not one person, it's another.

And, it seems like poor little N is getting slammed the worst.

We all have had stuffy, runny noses with a cough.  For the most part everyone is better, but Nathanael just doesn't like coughing, even though it's infrequent and mild.  He's been clingy, and he hasn't played much in the past week(that's been improving).
"Up! Please!" has been a constant, fussy refrain.  There are things that will distract him, and the fussy attitude goes away for a while - atv rides, a ride in a car, playing with something new (like in the bin full of bird seed!), but eventually, he retreats back to us, to be up.

I remarked to Jude last night that I miss my funny little boy.

Maybe we'll catch a break soon, and he'll be back for good.


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