Thursday, March 10, 2011

getting back on track (tread?)

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I was out of exercising for about a week and a half, due to sick kids and self.  We are all back on the mend, so yesterday, I put on my shoes and my new, smaller exercise pants (Wal-mart claims I fit a size small 4-6. Wal-mart is trying to make overweight people feel better about themselves so they'll keep buying junk food.) and got on the tread mill. 

I can tell it's been a while since I've been running. I can also tell that I'm way ahead of where I was a few months ago.  I could still run two 5 minute segments with a 3 minute break in between.  Running after that was not happening (except for a few 1 minute bursts, but at a faster pace).  I completed my 5k in 46:45. That's an improvement by almost 2 minutes over the last time I did the full 5k.


Also, in happy news land, apparently being sick, sleep deprived, and not eating as much because it's hard to breath and eat at the same time, can cause some weight loss.  This morning, I'm down 7 pounds from the beginning on January. Maybe this makes up for all of the non-scale changing that happened during my 14/14 challenge!  I'm also a little bit under my first mile post! yay!  My next mile post is just a few pounds away. And my first mini-goal is just 6 pounds from here.  The mile posts represent a mental or emotional association with a number, while the goals and mini-goals are a concrete place I am aiming for.

I'm pleased to be seeing progress.

I have a 5k that I am running (at least some running) in about 3 weeks.  Since I fell behind so much in my c25k program, I don't know that I'll be prepared to run the whole thing, but I'll do my best.  I think the 5k race will be an extra challenge for me, because it will involved running outdoors (I've been running indoors exclusively, but hopefully I'll be able to get one outdoor run per week from here on out), and running the first half of the race uphill.  I'm game, though.  I will run, and I will finish!


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