Thursday, March 03, 2011

maple syrup snow candy (and other winter fun)

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Back in January, we had some fun in the snow.

We went for a ATV ride.

After our fun ride, we got out our maple syrup, got a pan full of snow and got to making sugar on snow, Also called snow candy, or any other variety of names.  In a string of coincidences, I read about snow candy on a blog I follow, and also happened to read about it in a recent Missouri Conservationist issue (if you're a Missourian, you can get a free subscription sent to your home - it's worth it!). Since we had a pile of snow, I thought it might be a fun little experiment.

Heat the maple syrup to about 255 degrees Farenheit.

Gather a pan of fresh snow (not the funny colored stuff!)

Pour the maple syrup over the snow.

The snow causes it to harden into into a taffy-like consistency.

Some people like to eat it with the contrasting flavors of sour pickles and donuts.  We just went for it as it was!

Nathanael kept asking for "Mar, mar!"

Alas, that was all I was going to make.  He decided to finish off the maple syrup slush.

I think we'll try it again next year!


Anna said...

I think I must not have gotten the syrup warm enough, because our attempt was terrible. The syrup melted the snow and we had a wet mess.

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