Tuesday, March 01, 2011

work that sewing machine

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 Jude and I were talking about helping out some other people who have a tendency to not finish personal projects, and he said that for us to finish them for them is not really helpful.  He said that he wouldn't finish my sewing project for me, and I took his point well.  If it's just for fun, and not something that is needed for living, then it's not really our business.

That caused me to think about my various projects, sitting around in a neglected state.  And now, I'm feeling industrious. I finally decided I was going to work on some UFO's and actually (GASP!) finish something!

I told E I'd make her some doll clothes, got a pattern, and cut everything out, but just... quit after that.
I reviewed the instructions, and got to work, even though I really didn't like the idea of something not turning out perfectly.  It's the nature of practice, I guess.  The whole 'not perfect' thing is how it happens.

I have a box full of fabric sitting next to my desk.  In that box is some fabric for reusable "mama" cloth.  I've made several pads, but I hadn't finished several because I was having poor results with the metal snaps that are applied with hammer.  I finally ordered a pair of pliers for plastic/resin snaps so I could finish up the last few pieces. I can now also use these pliers to repair missing/broken snaps on the kids' clothes, and maybe I'll be converting a few of my velcro/aplix diaper covers to snaps.  We'll see about that one, though.


In that box of fabric were a few wool sweaters.  I had purchased some of them last fall with the intent to make dryer balls, but unraveling the sweaters proved way too annoying. So I set them aside to upcycle into diaper covers (soakers, longies) They have languished for months.

I've never used wool diaper covers, as I find wool to be itchy, but I've heard awesome things about wool and diapers, and I really wanted to give it a try without spending thirty dollars on a cover I might not like. I know this is still not the same as some of the lovely soft, knit covers, but, oh well.  I can always give them away if I don't care for them.

I think with the scraps from the soakers, I'll finish out some of my dryer balls that keep unraveling with felted sweater pieces.

I have a few other projects ticking around my brain, mostly involving upcycling materials.  Hopefully, I can persist in my efforts and get them finished and post some pictures!


Kelli said...

Look, the Barbie has both of her hands! That's a pretty dress, too.

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