Saturday, March 19, 2011

turning two

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Nathanael is two today, as of 1:01 this morning.

I feel like I remember everything, but looking back at his birth story, there are things that I forget! The speed of his birth is not one of those things, however!

Today we're celebrating at home with a few friends and family.

He is a sweet, funny little boy. He likes to joke and smile. He's saying more words, and has serious, thoughtful looks.  He loves, loves, loves a 4-wheeler.  He talks about them all the time.

Take a chance to look over Nathanael's birth story, and If you feel inspired, contact your state legislators to express your support of legal access to certified professional midwives!

I know that several states neighboring mine are in the midst of trying to get legislation passed this legislative session. That means, YOU, friends from Iowa, and Illinois!  I've already written to legislators in your states, and I don't even live there. You don't have to want a home birth yourself, you just have to support others being able to make their own choice regarding birth care provider and place of birth.

Here are some links to help you connect with supporting access to legal home birth midwives:

Iowa - CPMs are not legal currently. Working on legislation to legalize them!

Illinois - CPMs are not legal currently. Working on legislation to legalize them!!/group.php?gid=58673657801

Missouri - Victory! CPMs are currently legal in Missouri, but we need to defend families' right to choose with whom and where birth happens, even now!

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Miranda said...

Hi Carrie,
I found you on the cloth diaper blog hop and am following you. I love this blog post! It is awesome you got a birth story- I wanted one and got a doula but she didn't write one. I am pregnant with my second one and I want so badly to go to a birthing center we have here in San Diego (staffed only by CNMs) but of course my insurance won't cover it and there is no way we can afford it out of pocket... so I've been looking into home birth but don't think we can do it. I TOTALLY support legislation to do it though! I know you CAN do it here in CA but it is difficult (if not impossible) to get insurance to cover it so most people can't afford it. Good luck with your campaign! have you seen the documentary the business of giving birth? It's all about this, if not you should check it out! Also I am fairly new to CDing and blogging myself. I would love it if you could stop by and take a look and offer any input/advice you may have.
Thanks so much,

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