Thursday, September 08, 2011

30 weeks

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  30 weeks?!?

I can tell Cakes is taking up more space.  When I sit, I feel pressure at the top and bottom.  I'm burping lots more and I am not able to eat as much, since stomach space is being pushed aside for baby space.

"Regular" shirts don't  fit any more, by length. So, we've been doing a bit of maternity clothes shopping for daily wear shirts.  I really don't care to have my belly skin hanging out for others to see, or to have the edge of my maternity waistband showing.


With just over 2 months until guesstimated time of arrival,  I'm working on writing and checking off things on my to-do lists and starting the gathering of various supplies and preparations for baby Cakes.  I feel like I'm going to be spending a lot of money over the next few months.  Trying to offset some of that by maybe winning some of the things I need to buy in giveaways.  So far I have a small stash of new diapers.

I'm reading and reading through my labor and birth books. Gearing up for more frequent visits with my midwife now that we're in the third trimester (and back from vacation!)

I'm debating whether we should set up temporary bedroom/sleep space downstairs.  The last two times, our bedroom was already on the first floor (where the shower, kitchen, living room/TV and computers are) but now we are officially upstairs, where there is a bathroom, but no shower, just a tub. It would be much more convenient to not have to climb steps for the week or two after baby, but a hassle to move the bed downstairs.  Oh, choices...  I'll probably put it off until it's too late. 

And, here are the kids at 30 weeks:

Elizabeth found some pantyhose I had set aside for making wool dryer balls. Now they are arm and leg socks.

I have no idea.

This is his photo smile. "Cheese!"

The Dynamic Duo!

The Gymnasitc Duo?


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