Wednesday, September 14, 2011

grocery fail

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Wow. I'm all about fails recently.

I went out to do my errands and grocery shopping yesterday.  It was late afternoon when we left home, and we had a few stores to get to before closing time. The grocery store was the second to last stop on my list.

The kids were hungry.  I was hungry. We got our groceries at lightning speed (well, lightning for a pregnant lady with two kids (one who kept insisting she was going to throw up, but really she was hungry). My feet hurt.  Nathanael had lost a shoe somewhere, so he was unhappily confined to the cart or my arms.  I decided at the check out to take advantage of our store's pick-up lane, where instead of carting groceries out to the car and loading everything, I could just put the kids in the car, and drive up, open the trunk, and away we'd go. I don't normally do this, as I'm all about the exercise of walking my own groceries out and loading them.  Not yesterday, though.

So out to the car we went.  I loaded the kids in, situated my self asked the kids what they wanted to eat, and exited the parking lot. Off to Sonic we went, got our food and drove home.

Did you catch that?  I said nothing about having actually picked up my groceries.
Yes.  They were still sitting at the store when I arrived home 30 minutes later.
When did I realize this?  After I got everyone out of the car and opened the trunk.

Huge fail.

Back to town we go.  A nice 50 minute round trip added to our evening.


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